How to Build a Fat Loss Breakfast

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In today’s episode, we discussed the importance of breakfast when you’re trying to lose fat. We covered the most important components of breakfast when weight loss is your goal, as well as the best breakfast ideas based on your lifestyle!

November 19, 2022

Dezi, Tony and I got vulnerable today talking about our struggles and how hard things have been in the past year. If you have been struggling and need something to make you feel like you are where you are supposed to be, this podcast episode is for YOU! 

How to Navigate Difficult Times
Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions with Coach Ceci

In today’s episode, Coach Andres and Coach Ceci of Planos Nutrition dive into frequently asked questions about nutrition from a series of questions asked in social media polls. In this episode, we dive a little more into each.

Busting Nutrition Myths on TikTok with Luke Hanna

I sat down with nutritionist and personal trainer Luke Hanna to break down some of the biggest nutrition myths circulating on TikTok. We covered: blood glucose monitors, the truth about eating breakfast, weight loss drinks, ingredients you can’t pronounce, and more!

In today’s episode we talked about the number one reason people struggle to stay on track with their fat loss goals: HUNGER.

Hunger Hacks for Fat Loss
High-Performance Habits for Confidence, Motivation, and Success with Dezi Abeyta, R.D.

In this episode, we were joined by Registered Dietitian and High-Performance Coach Dezi Abeyta to discuss habit-building, self-talk, and what it means to be a high-performer.

Monthly Chit Chat: Empowering Beliefs for success, breath-work, movement and more

In this episode…we covered a little bit of everything from Dezi’s new job at Red Bull to Tony Robbins and his most recent virtual event. We dove into the concept of empowering beliefs, my experience with breathwork, and so much more!

In this week’s episode, we were joined by Anastasia Brokas, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to discuss strategies to address emotional eating, improving self-talk, and building a greater sense of self-worth.

Episode 172: Emotional eating, self-worth, and body image with licensed therapist Anastasia Brokas
Episode 171: Are almond milk, turkey bacon, coconut sugar, and green juice healthy?

In this week’s episode we did a round-up of some of the most common “unhealthy” foods and the “healthy” options that many people swap them out for. We discussed pasta vs. chickpea pasta, white bread vs. whole grain bread, white sugar vs. coconut sugar, and more!

Episode 170: Nutrition for Moms: before, during, and after pregnancy with Dana Wallace, RD.

In this episode, which we recorded as a live event in our free Facebook community, I sat down with Coach Dana (Planos dietitian and mom of 3) to explain how to prioritize yourself and your health as you go through the major life change of pregnancy!