Episode 119 Chit Chat Series: Guy Dietitians talking about baby-led weaning, transitioning off Keto and Emotional Eating

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It’s not every day you will see three dudes talking about baby-led weaning but today… well, we went there.

May 12, 2021

In today’s episode, we cover the finding of some recent nutrition research on different hot topics such as taurine supplementation, differences in breakfast nutritional composition, and Keto vs. Non-Keto Diets for fat loss and maintenance of muscle mass.

Episode 118: High Protein vs. High Carb breakfasts, Taurine Supplementation and Keto Diets
Episode 117: Thinking beyond the scale. Why your weight is not everything!

Today we’re diving into what weight is and what it’s is not, and how you can think of progress beyond the scale number.

Episode 116: 3 Strategies to help you achieve more progress without being perfect

Today we covered the perfectionist mindset around dieting and explained how you can change it to have a more consistent lifestyle that yields bigger results over time.

Today we discussed how the menstrual cycle affects performance, muscle mass, and even the ability to lose weight.

Episode 115: Nutrition changes and considerations through the menstrual cycle
114: How to maintain your weight loss over time? (Study Review)

Today we’re discussing the 10 factors that people who lost weight and kept it off for up to year had in common.

Reverse Dieting, Refeeds and Diet breaks with Biolayne Nutrition Coach Noah Lee

Episode 113: Reverse Dieting, Refeeds and Diet Breaks with Biolayne Nutrition Coach Noah Lee is also available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and IHeartRadio In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Biolayne’s nutrition coaches, Noah Lee, to discuss fat loss strategies he implements with his clients to help them achieve phenomenal […]

In today’s episode I chatted with 7x CrossFit Games Athlete Margaux Alvarez, discussing fitness, inspiration, nutrition, and more!

Episode 112: Margaux Alvarez
Episode 111: How to trust the supplements you buy in 2021 with Andy Holmes

In today’s podcast we brought in Andy Holmes, who works for Informed Choice, a company that tests and gives the seal of approval to supplements worldwide.

Episode 110: How to manage acid reflux

In today’s episode we brought in Canadian dietitian Andy De Santis, an author of 7 Books and Lover of Kale!! We chatted about acid reflux and the nutritional considerations around it.