Episode 126: Where and how to start a weight loss journey

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Today we discussed the analogy of “lowest hanging fruit” to explain where people should start in their journey to improve their health and lose fat

July 28, 2021

In this episode we explain the weight loss success stories of 3 Planos clients who each lost 15-18 lbs. and describe how the change happened.

Episode 125: 3 Weight loss success stories, what they did, and what results they got
Episode 24: Exploring cultural food differences and reactive healthcare system in America

In today’s monthly Chit Chat Series, we covered the reality we see as nutrition professionals in the healthcare system in America, which focuses on reactive rather than proactive and preventive healthcare.

Episode 123: Why do we overeat junk food?

Do you ever wonder why is it so easy to overeat “junk food” like Oreos or Chips? No, it’s not just you, I promise. The food industry designed these foods that way and today we’re breaking down the science.

In this episode of the Chit Chat Series, we covered the impact influencers, celebrities and athletes have on our nutrition decisions.

Episode 122: Chit Chat Series: The power of influencers in our nutrition decisions
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This episode explains every thing you should and shouldn’t do to stay fit and healthy this summer.

Episode 119 Chit Chat Series: Guy Dietitians talking about baby-led weaning, transitioning off Keto and Emotional Eating

It’s not every day you will see three dudes talking about baby-led weaning but today… well, we went there.

In today’s episode, we cover the finding of some recent nutrition research on different hot topics such as taurine supplementation, differences in breakfast nutritional composition, and Keto vs. Non-Keto Diets for fat loss and maintenance of muscle mass.

Episode 118: High Protein vs. High Carb breakfasts, Taurine Supplementation and Keto Diets
Episode 117: Thinking beyond the scale. Why your weight is not everything!

Today we’re diving into what weight is and what it’s is not, and how you can think of progress beyond the scale number.

Episode 116: 3 Strategies to help you achieve more progress without being perfect

Today we covered the perfectionist mindset around dieting and explained how you can change it to have a more consistent lifestyle that yields bigger results over time.