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Our 1:1 Signature coaching program is designed to be a hands-on high accountability journey to help you design a newer and better lifestyle that supports the goals you are trying to achieve. You will be working one on one with a registered dietitian who will be there every step of the way and will personalize your program and tailor it to your needs.

Our group coaching program (Chronic Dieting Detox) was created as a way to help you overcome the dieting mentality and teach you how you can achieve your goals without following restrictive methods. It is a program to help you overcome years of restriction, learn to love food again, eliminate the guilt, and be happier. 

+ How do I know what’s the right program for me? 

Even though meal plans are effective tools to give you structure and better planning, we feel they create restrictions. They also teach you to follow directions, instead of teaching you how to do your own meal planning selecting the foods that you love.

Depending on the program you select, we follow a flexible eating approach, where we help you organize your day and meals according to specific parameters based on your goals.


Absolutely not. We work with everyone interested in changing their eating habits and wanting to change their lifestyle. 

+ Do you work with women only? 

No, my dear friend. Much more than that! Any calculator online can give you this information.

A coaching program is designed to customize this for you and make adjustments on an ongoing basis according to your progress, your challenges, and how your body is responding week to week. We also focus on lifestyle and habit changes and follow a goal-setting process to help you change the way you live to support your nutrition and fitness goals. This is a dedicated high-accountability process.

Our group coaching is a little different as we don’t use numbers or tracking in the process. The goal of that program is help you overcome food fears and develop a better relationship with food. 

+ Do you just send me numbers and macros? 

Your results are predicated on 4 things: Your effort, your consistency, your compliance, and your execution. We DO NOT promise results. We promise OUTCOMES based on the 4 things mentioned above. We have clients who’ve achieved amazing results in 8 weeks while others 8 months.

Everyone starts in a different place and your results are also going to be dependent on that. 

+ When should I expect to see results? 

The most successful people in this program make their nutrition and health a priority and make the time to do what is required.

There is no minimum or maximum time commitment but know that your results are predicated on your effort and compliance and at first you may have to dedicate more time to learn the process better.

+ How much time do I need to dedicate to this program every week? 

If you applied for the 1:1 Signature Coaching program, we will jump on a discovery call to learn more about you and your goals. We will also pair you up with the coach that we feel will best serve your needs and your goals. All of our coaches follow the same system, framework and process. 

Our group coaching program (Chronic Dieting Detox) is led by our Lead Dietitian, Dana Wallace.

+ Who will I be working with if I apply for this program?

Unfortunately, we do not take health insurance. 

+ Do you take health insurance?

Even though a consultation may give you direction in your nutrition and health and will help us assess your situation better, it would be a disservice to just offer one and done consults. Lifestyle and nutrition changes take time, effort, commitment, and a plan that cannot be executed after a 1-hour session.

Unfortunately we do not offer 1-time consultations at this time. Please send us a message in the contact form and we can evaluate your case.

+ I just want a consultation. Can I still apply? 

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