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8 easy tips to master meal prep, so you always have healthy food ready when you’re hungry!

July 5, 2023

The best strategies for the start and the end of your fat loss journey.

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In today’s episode, we bring you back to the Chit Chat Series with Registered Dietitians, Tony Castillo, Dezi Abeyta, and your host Andres Ayesta!

Episode 154: The benefits of microgreens for health and how you can grown your own with Natalie Paterson

I sat down with Natalie Paterson, cofounder and CEO of ingarden, to talk about microgreens and their amazing health benefits.

In today’s episode, we interviewed Planos team member and former client Vanessa on her experience with gastric bypass surgery.

Episode 150: Should you consider weight loss surgery?
How to stop stress eating

In this episode, we explained why stress eating and emotional eating happen and how to stop falling into these patterns.

Episode 130: Recovery and Physical Therapy secrets with Corey Hoffner

In today’s episode, I got the opportunity to interview a great friend, former client, and physical therapist, Corey Hoffner, to dive into the subjects of movement, recovery, and physical therapy.

In today’s episode, my friend and colleague Megan went over common personality types of entrepreneurs when it comes to nutrition, health, and fitness.

Episode 120: Nutrition Personality Types with Orlando Dietitian Megan Poczekaj