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8 Mistakes that will sabotage your weight loss journey

Managing personal finances to prioritize investing in your health with Karen Vergara

Kim Kardashian's Met Gala diet and why you shouldn't try it

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latest posts

Nutrition mistakes you're making

It’s time to break the cycle of starting a new diet every January, falling off the bandwagon by February, and dieting on and off throughout the year with no success. You can start by avoiding 4 key mistakes during the holiday season.

Episode 144: Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight?

In today’s episode, we explained how to navigate social situations if you have specific goals related to your nutrition and fitness.

Episode 143: How to fix your gut with Bridgitte Carroll

Welcome to another incredible guest episode of the Nutrition Blueprint Podcast. Our guest today is a fellow registered dietitian and gut specialist Bridgitte Carroll.

Episode 142: How to end the binge and restrict cycle

In this week’s episode, we discussed the harmful cycle of mental and physical restriction of food followed by uncontrollable binges that many dieters experience. We explained common triggers to this cycle and how this pattern can become a habit.

Episode 141: Why diets are just like dating with Toni Marinucci

In this episode, I had the pleasure to interview Toni Marinucci, dietitian, friend, and book author, who just released her new book about the similarities between dating and dieting.

Episode 140: How much should you eat for your goals? Three ways to figure it out.

How much should you eat if you have specific goals such as fat loss or muscle gain? We discussed three tools that can help you make this process easier.

how to start journalling

Learn how starting a journal can help to accelerate your nutrition journey and lifestyle transformation.

Episode 138: Lessons that changed my life

In today’s episode, Andres dove into his career journey, sharing some of the lessons along the way that have brought him to where he is now.

Episode 137 Building your identity and the 2.0 version of you

In today’s chat, we discussed the topic of building your IDENTITY and how that reflects on your choices and who you want to become.

Episode 136: How to avoid negativity and build self-confidence in your weight loss journey

In this episode we discussed how to build self-confidence through finding the “why” for your weight loss journey and celebrating small victories.