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How to fix your gut with Bridgitte Carroll

Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight?

How to end the binge and restrict cycle

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Episode 138: Lessons that changed my life

In today’s episode, Andres dove into his career journey, sharing some of the lessons along the way that have brought him to where he is now.

Episode 137 Building your identity and the 2.0 version of you

In today’s chat, we discussed the topic of building your IDENTITY and how that reflects on your choices and who you want to become.

Episode 136: How to avoid negativity and build self-confidence in your weight loss journey

In this episode we discussed how to build self-confidence through finding the “why” for your weight loss journey and celebrating small victories.

Losing weight doesn’t mean you need to stop snacking. Here’s your easy guide to creating the best snacks for weight loss.

Episode 135: How to build a lifestyle that matches your fat loss goals (Restaurant Eating Edition)

Today covered some tips and mindset changes you can make to enjoy your social life and restaurant eating while still achieving your fat loss goals.

Episode 134: The profound impact of breathing in health and wellness with Mitch Harbaugh

Today we brought in Mitch Harbaugh to dive into one of the things we do unconsciously but that has such a profound effect on our health: BREATHING

Episode 133: How to be more productive and prioritize your nutrition with these systems

In today’s episode, we talked about the importance of prioritization, scheduling, and how to be more productive in your life.

fat loss myths cover image

When you’re trying to lose fat, it can be easy to get sucked into misinformation. In this article, we’re busting 3 common lies you may have heard.

Episode 132: Coaching Listeners Through Their Nutrition Struggles

In this episode, Andres turned follower and listener challenges into opportunities for coaching, providing advice and strategies to address common nutrition challenges.

Ep 131: Chit Chat Series: How accurate are calorie trackers? Talking wearable tech and other recovery strategies

In today’s episode we talked about wearable tech, trackers, and how to create scoreboards and data to track your progress.