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8 Mistakes that will sabotage your weight loss journey

Managing personal finances to prioritize investing in your health with Karen Vergara

Kim Kardashian's Met Gala diet and why you shouldn't try it

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How to Gain Muscle While Losing Weight

Good news! Despite what you may have been told, you don’t have to spend endless hours on the elliptical to lose weight (yay!). While cardio is important for our cardiovascular health, it is not the only way to shed body fat.

Healthy Habits and Self-Care for Moms with Emily Nichols

Today I sat down with Emily Nichols for a conversation on healthy habits and self-care strategies to help moms thrive. Emily explained why women need to do habits differently, what habits are important to prioritize, and how to reset if you feel like you’ve fallen off track.

Is motivation a myth? Join Andres and Jenn today in a full 60-minute conversation on motivation, willpower, and the misconceptions around these two words that we feel are the reasons for our successes or lack of them.

The 5 Worst Habits for Weight Loss

In this episode, Andres and Kenzie explained the 5 worst habits for weight loss that will make it very difficult to see progress. These 5 habits are related to nutrition, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle. We discuss the best ways to overcome these habits so you’re able to reach your goals.

Overcoming perfectionism and learning to love yourself with Rachel Brooks

Toda we were joined by entrepreneur, author, and speaker Rachel Brooks. She provided practical tips and strategies to break free from self-doubt, let go of perfectionism, and build a more loving relationship with yourself and your body.

recover after overeating

Here’s how to get back on track with your fat loss goals if you eat more than you planned during the holiday season.

Creatine for fat loss

Is creatine good for fat loss or is it another fad? Here is how creatine can help you get to your fat loss goals.

Thanksgiving Nutrition Survival Guide

In today’s episode, Kenzie and Coach Dana covered everything you need to know to prepare for a healthy and stress-free holiday season, including the most important mindset and nutrition tips to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner when your goal is fat loss.

How to Build a Fat Loss Breakfast

In today’s episode, we discussed the importance of breakfast when you’re trying to lose fat. We covered the most important components of breakfast when weight loss is your goal, as well as the best breakfast ideas based on your lifestyle!

How to Navigate Difficult Times

Dezi, Tony and I got vulnerable today talking about our struggles and how hard things have been in the past year. If you have been struggling and need something to make you feel like you are where you are supposed to be, this podcast episode is for YOU!