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8 Mistakes that will sabotage your weight loss journey

Managing personal finances to prioritize investing in your health with Karen Vergara

Kim Kardashian's Met Gala diet and why you shouldn't try it

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Episode 161 - A deep dive into Blood Sugars, Insulin, glucose monitors, and how this all affects your health

In this episode, we explained what happens to your blood sugar when you eat and how this can affect your energy levels, weight, and overall health.

Episode 160: Managing personal finances to prioritize investing in your health with Karen Vergara

We were joined by Karen Vergara, a financial advisor and Certified Public Accountant, to discuss how to become more confident in your relationship with money and how to to prioritize spending on the things that matter the most to you

Episode 159: Everything you need you to know about Omega-3s with Dr. Bill Harris

We discussed what fatty acids are, whether Americans are getting enough, and whether you should supplement with Omega-3s.

Episode 158: How to tell a good diet from a bad one

In this episode, we discussed the results and explained how to know whether a diet is going to help or hurt your progress in the long term.

Episode 157: Reshaping the future of Healthcare and personalized nutrition with Ari Tulla

In today’s episode, we got to sit down with Ari Tulla, a serial entrepreneur and investor in pursuit of shifting the way we manage our health and nutrition.

Episode 156: How self-compassion can help you enjoy your weight loss journey

Many people believe that if they love and accept themselves, they’ll ever change their lives or reach their goals. In this episode, we explained why this isn’t true and how self-compassion can change the way you approach your fat loss goals.

Episode 155: Metabolic Efficiency and Blood Sugar Management with sports dietitian Bob Seebhohar

In today’s episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing a colleague of mine, Bob Seebohar, who is a fellow sports dietitian that helps athletes perform at their peak, but also assists non-athletes who are looking to live longer and healthier.

Each year in the US, over 200,000 people go under the knife for weight loss procedures. This is what you should consider before deciding on surgery.

Episode 154: The benefits of microgreens for health and how you can grown your own with Natalie Paterson

I sat down with Natalie Paterson, cofounder and CEO of ingarden, to talk about microgreens and their amazing health benefits.

Episode 153: How to dress with confidence at any stage of your weight loss journey with personal stylist Nicole Russo

Nicole Russo, a personal stylist in New York City, to discuss how to shop and dress in a way that looks and feels great throughout your weight loss journey