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How to manage acid reflux with Andy de Santis

What should your expectations be around nutrition and health when you become a parent

A journey of self-discovery and healing with Storyteller and Influencer Carol Perez

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Episode 110: How to manage acid reflux

In today’s episode we brought in Canadian dietitian Andy De Santis, an author of 7 Books and Lover of Kale!! We chatted about acid reflux and the nutritional considerations around it.

Episode 109 How to overcome weight loss plateu

In this episode, I will be walking you through some of the most common reasons people plateau in their weight loss goals and will give you the strategies and tips to overcome those plateaus

Episode 106 Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

A recent post by Jillian Michaels made headlines in the fitness world as she provided some recommendations that were not based on sound evidence. In today’s episode I reacted to this video and provided some feedback on some of her claims

Nutrition Blueprint Podcast Episode 107

In this episode we cover how nutrition and health changes when you become a parent

Nutrition Blueprint Podcast Carol Perez

Learn about Carol’s journey of self-healing and discovery after having it all and leaving it all

Support Accountability

Achieving nutrition and weight loss goals alone sometimes is hard. In this article we will teach you how to harness the power of accountability


Did you know stress may be hurting your weight loss goals? In this article we will teach you how, and what you. can do to manage your stress better

Do you ever wonder how does alcohol impact your weight loss goals? In this article we explain how, but also how you can drink responsibly without hurting your objectives in the process