A 12-week group coaching program to help you ditch diet culture, regain control of your food choices, and see lifelong results.

Chronic Dieting Detox.

Press the “reset” button on your health with the 

Diets restrict your favorite foods and set you up for failure
Diets are created to give you quick results that you can’t sustain long-term
Diets create a negative relationship with food, “good vs bad” mentality
Diets don’t keep your overall health in mind causing you to feel tired & bloated
Diets just don’t work

Here’s why “diet” is our least favorite four letter word

Break the diet cycle, eat the foods you love, and see sustainable body and life-changing results along the way!

See real results rooted in nutrition and health.

We know you want to eat the food you love while still losing weight, and that starts with a healthy relationship with food.

Rebuild your relationship with food.

We not only focus on your goals, but freeing you from the mindset that “diets” are the only way to reach them.

Break free from the need to constantly diet.

while reaching your goals

Live a life free of restrictions

Is this program for you?

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- Kari J.

“This has been more than a process for me. It’s been an eye opening, positive habit forming experience. I know that if I had not started working with you through this pandemic I would not have been able to understand what it takes to set realistic health and wellness goals.”

- Amanda G

For anyone on the fence about joining the program, just TRY IT. What you will find is that not only is Andres your personal fan club and cheering squad, but he is there to help you succeed—in ALL areas. You will find as you start working with him, that while he’s concerned about the physical goals you’ve set, he’s just as focused and concerned about other parts of your life. Hiring Andres is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Go…NOW….Hire Andres. You won’t be disappointed!

Real Clients.
Real Results.

• Initial Strategy Call
• Self-assessment and Goal Setting
• Discuss expectations and how to succeed in the program
Nutrition Focus: common myths explained

During this week we will get to know you better. You will complete some self-assessment and reflection assignments to help us understand your dieting background. You will also jump on a 1:1 strategy call with one of our dietitians to help you map out the next 90 days


week 1:

week 1

• What is a FAD Diet? 
• Statistics of Dieting in the United States and the world 
• Most common dietary approaches or trends and why they are effective
• How to evaluate a new diet as a smart consumer
• Nutrition Focus: Evaluating food labels

In this module, we will dive into the things that you have failed to see in the dieting industry. We will learn how to critically evaluate FAD diets and how to avoid "too good to be true" dietary methods that are not sustainable. We will also learn the details of food labeling and what to look for. 


week 2:

week 2

•  Understanding disordered eating patterns
•  Physical vs. Emotional disordered eating 
•  Strategies to overcome disordered eating patterns 
•  Nutrition Focus: Snacking made simple.

Because it is becoming fairly common, disordered eating has become a “normal” way of life that they may not even recognized. Many disordered eating patterns are often mislabeled and “healthy” or as an individual being “disciplined,” when this is not the case at all. This week we will be breaking down the red flags that need attention as well as why they may feel so “normal.”  

How To Recognize Disordered Eating

week 3:

week 3

• What is binging? 
• Binge/Restrict Cycle 
• What are binging triggers? 
• Strategies to avoid binging episodes
• Nutrition Focus: How to avoid the Late Night Hunger Trap

In this week, we will dive into the never ending binge/restrict cycle. You know you fall prey to this if you have felt guilt over a "bad" day of eating or a single meal only to restrict yourself as punishment the follow day or meal. Breaking through this habit is not impossible and we will teach you how. 

The Binge/Restrict Cycle – What It Is And How To Break It

week 4:

week 4

• Unfollowing toxic social media accounts
• FAD diets and avoiding the "too good to be true" trap
• The number on the scale and what it represents
Nutrition Focus: How to upgrade your breakfast to power up the morning

During week 5 we will discuss the all or nothing, good vs. bad mentality that we have been fed by the media for years and how to break free from it. We will also give some amazing breakfast ideas to power up your mornings. 

How To Break Free From Diet Culture/Food Rules

week 5:

week 5

• Emotional Eating vs. Physical Hunger
• What are the signs of Emotional Eating? 
• What are the signs of Physical Hunger?
• Strategies to learn to identify the difference between the two 
• Nutrition Focus: Tips For Eating Out

We hear the phrase “emotional eating” a lot, especially as women, but what does that actually mean? Hunger manifests itself in many ways, some physical, and some emotional. This week we will break down the differences. 

Emotional vs Physical Hunger – Signs And Solutions

week 6:

week 6

•   Intuitive Eating vs. Mindful Eating
•   Distractions that disconnect us from eating mindfully
•   Strategies to regain mindfulness around food
•   Nutrition Focus: Hydration

We live at a pace in society that has disconnected us from the joy of eating. We stopped seeing it as a time of enjoyment, but rather as a moment of fear or other times we simply avoid even pay attention to it. During this week we will learn what mindful eating truly is and how you can regain control of your own cues

Mindful Eating

week 7:

week 7

•  Roles food may play in your life other than satisfying physical hunger
•  Nutrition Focus: How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Mindful eating can often evoke anxiety among those who have been “yo yo dieters” for many years. This week we will review some of the most common misconceptions surrounding the practice. 

Misconceptions around mindful eating 

week 8:

week 8

•   Goal Setting and how to plan for success
•   The importance of 1% better every day
•   Progression vs. Perfection
•   The minimum effective dose method for sustainability in your goals 
•   Nutrition Focus: Meal Planning Tips and Tricks

In this module, you’ll learn how seeking perfection in your nutrition and health only leads to frustration and anxiety. We will discuss how progression and the minimum effective dose is an amazing strategy to help you make tiny progress everyday leading to accomplish BIG goals in the long term

Planning For Progress NOT Perfection  

week 9:

week 9

•   How to change your perception of yourself
•   Working with your body, not against it
•   Setting Yourself Up For Success 
•   Nutrition Focus: How To Increase Intake of Plant Based Foods

The best investment you could ever make is in yourself. Do you know how to invest in yourself every day? It all starts with how you perceive yourself, your actions, and how you live your life. Mindset is everything and mastering it requires practice. 

Obligation To Investment - Shifting Your Mindset

week 10:

week 10

•   What does # on the scale truly reflect
•   Developing a better relationship with the scale or simply avoid it
•   What does success represent in a wellness journey? 
•   Strategies to reflect on non-scale victories
•   Nutrition Focus: Developing strong morning routines

We often correlate our success on our wellness journey only with the scale, despite the fact that there is SO much more to celebrate! Wellness encompasses many other areas outside our weight. Recognizing this is crucial while on our journey to love ourselves. This week we will celebrate all of the victories we have accomplished without even mentioning the “s” word

The Importance of Celebrating Non-Scale Victories

week 11:

week 11

•   Dieting cycles
•   Revising your why
•   How to stay motivated
•   Nutrition Focus: Kitchen Reset

THE FINISH LINE! During this week we celebrate your accomplishments and the transformative journey from restriction to freedom. By this week you will have switched your mindset and your perspective around food and will be ready to live freely without guilt while crushing your goals

How to Stay Motivated On Your Wellness Journey 

week 12:

week 12

The Curriculum

Here’s what we’ll cover in the next 12 weeks together

The 12-week Chronic Dieting Detox

Hey, I’m Dana! The Lead Dietician at Planos, and I can’t wait to help you find clarity amongst all of the “noise” you’re surrounded by regarding nutrition and celebrate the power to create balance on your plate and beyond.

In the last 13 years as a Registered Dietician, I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you fuel their bodies with food that makes them feel great, live a happier life, and get the results they desire.

I can’t wait to be on this life-changing journey with you! Let’s get started!

dana wallace

meet the lead dietitian

Hey, I’m Andres, Founder of Planos Nutrition, and I’m so excited you’re here. After spending the last 10 years helping people get in the best shape physically and mentally and seeing the root cause of a lot of food issues, I realized what a need there was for a Diet Detox program.

I believe every person deserves to live life without food restrictions while still reaching their health goals, and I’ve successfully helped hundreds of people do just that.

Now, it’s your turn, and we can’t wait to see your results! Let’s do this.

andres ayesta

meet the founder

Feel confident in your food choices, no longer be a victim of diet culture, and see mental and physical results!

Break free from the need to constantly diet.

If accepted into the program, you’ll get instant access to your course materials and will soon meet with your group coach.

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what’s included

12 weeks of video content and course modules (can be at your own pace).

Twice per month LIVE Q + A calls with your Group Coach

Weekly tasks and homework to complete

Access to a private Facebook community for additional support, inspiration and fun!

Access to our 100+ recipe library to help you stay on track

The average American starts and stops FOUR new diets per year

Here’s how to tell if you’ve become a victim of diet culture

You’ve put yourself on a diet at least once or twice this year without sticking to it because...

You felt extremely restricted, tired, bloating, and/or irritable as a result of dieting...

And you saw little to no results because of it. Or the results you did see were short lived.

Imagine what it will feel like to...

• Build strong habits and a better relationship with food 
• Live without food restrictions and shame of your choices
• Have the support of a Registered Dietician and Nutrition Coach
• Feel and look your best without relying on fad diets
• Have lifelong confidence in your nutrition and health

We’ve successfully coached hundreds of people out of diet culture and into food freedom.

– Nathalya

You are an excellent coach, and I would recommend to everyone that they give themselves the opportunity to join this team. Not only because you will see changes in your body, but also because you will learn to understand many things that the scale does not reflect. I have achieved a complete transformation after meeting you and I will always be grateful for that! All the knowledge gained is part of my life and my daily routines now, and that is something priceless, certainly something no app will never help me achieve.

- Alejandra

“I had never felt comfortable with myself. I used to be self-conscious and I didn't feel as healthy as I feel now! For the first time, I have muscles! It sounds a bit silly but I had tried for many years to get to where I am and I could not. I appreciate your work and respect it! You change lives, body, security, lifestyle, etc."

Access to our 100+ recipe library

Weekly Tasks and Homework to help you progress

12 Weeks of video modules and content

Private Facebook Community

1:1 Nutrition Strategy Call with a group coach

Rethinking your Nutrition Worksheets

Bimonthly Live Q&A Calls

An investment in your health is always one worth making.