Nutrition Blueprint Method

Build a balanced lifestyle that
matches your fat loss goals with the

Build a balanced lifestyle that matches your fat loss goals with the

A 24-week coaching program to help you ditch fad
diets, boost your energy, & lose weight sustainably.

A 24-week coaching program to help you ditch fad diets, boost your energy, & lose weight sustainably.


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...But this is a vicious cycle that just doesn’t work. 

As a result, maybe putting on clothes is a nightmare because nothing seems to fit like it used to. Or you avoid taking pictures of yourself because you’re unhappy with the way you look. Perhaps you feel guilty for not having enough “willpower” (spoiler alert: this is not the issue).

Maybe you feel like you should postpone certain parts of life until you lose weight, so you keep trying other diets or restricting certain foods...

You’ve tried a bunch of fad diets (Keto, Whole30, Paleo, Atkins, detoxes, you name it…) but they were unsustainable and basically set you up for failure

You start eating “healthier” but, within a few days or weeks, it feels impossible to stay consistent

You have a negative relationship with food that can leave you feeling shame or fear (or constantly obsessing what you should or shouldn’t eat)

Your energy seems to always feel low, which zaps your motivation

No matter how much you exercise, nothing seems to change

Has any of this stopped you from reaching your goals & feeling better in your body? 

At Planos, we want you to feel confident in your body and energized to take on each day. But we also understand it can feel impossible when you’re uncomfortable in your clothes or frustrated with what you see in the mirror.

Diets restrict your favorite foods and put too much focus on “willpower,” which sucks joy out of life makes the diet incredibly hard to maintain

Diets don’t keep your overall health in mind, causing you to feel tired and irritable

Diets are designed to give you quick weight loss results that you can’t sustain long-term

Diets create a negative relationship with your body image and food (eg. a “good vs. bad” mentality)

Put simply, diets don’t work because:

Lasting success (i.e. sustainable weight loss, a stronger body, and a better relationship with yourself and food) does not come from another fad diet.

It’s time to stop restricting & find the confident body image you desire. For the long term. 

It’s about looking at your definition of success on and off the scale so you don’t feel like you should postpone life until you lose weight.

It’s about creating a flexible plan that helps you reach your fitness goals without cutting out the foods you love or holding yourself to unsustainable rules.



Sustainable body-changing
  results come from a                     
                               of your lifestyle.


A 24-week nutrition and lifestyle program to help you feel better in your body, improve your overall health, and lose weight in a loving way—and keep it off. No more fad diets. No restricting your favorite foods. No shame or guilt.

The Nutrition Blueprint Method is a hybrid program that combines 1:1 coaching and accountability with group support and self-paced material. 

The Nutrition
Blueprint Method

Welcome To

You’ll have unlimited access to our private Facebook community. Here, you can learn from other members, lift each other up, share experiences, and find an empowering sense of belonging.

Our registered dietitians monitor the group so you’ll always find new resources and answers to questions posted there.

Support From Our Private

Stop turning to Dr. Google for nutrition guidance. Instead, you’ll have trusted resources all in one place for any situation that comes up.

The Vault includes video materials on the fundamentals of nutrition and meal planning, plus shopping guides, weekly recipes, nutrition checklists, and much more. Everything you need to start making progress right away without cutting out the foods you love. 

The Ultimate Nutrition
Resources Vault

Time and time again, we’ve seen the powerful effects of connecting with others in a similar boat. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to join two energizing group calls where you can submit questions to our registered dietitians and listen to other members’ experiences—so you never feel alone.

We’ll also bring in experts from special fields like psychology, fitness, mindset, and more! 

Group Coaching Calls

After an initial strategy call, your coach will create a custom Blueprint that lays out a nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your goals. From macronutrient guidelines and meal planning to mindset exercises and sleep tips, this will set your “scoreboard” on how you’ll define your success (on and off the scale).

Think of it as the roadmap you’ll follow throughout the program—and beyond.

Custom Nutrition

You’ll work 1:1 with your own Registered Dietitian over 24 weeks. You’ll have access to unlimited 1:1 calls with your coach, plus they’ll send you weekly check-ins to help you stay accountable.

Book calls with them however often you desire. They've always got your back!

Unlimited Access to
Your Personal Nutrition
Success Coach

Movement is medicine! You’ll learn how to be less sedentary, no matter how busy your schedule. Your coach will help you create a movement plan with workout routines and strategies for incorporating more daily activity beyond exercise alone.

Move with Intention

Rebuild your relationship with food and eliminate the diet mentality so you can identify stress triggers that lead to unhealthy eating habits. You’ll also practice mental exercises that help you feel more confident in your body. You’ll learn to adopt the mindset of the person you want to become, which is key to reaching your goals (sayonara yo-yo dieting).

Mindset Shifting

Understand your daily habits and learn how to create a holistic plan that helps you feel energized, productive, and in control every day. Sleep, hydration, stress, anxiety...You’ll learn how to make it all a priority. Because a healthy lifestyle goes beyond what’s on your plate!

Lifestyle Revamp

You’ll learn how to adopt a flexible eating approach and use macro counting as a tool. This way, you can develop awareness around your eating habits and achieve your goals (without being restrictive). You’ll get personalized calorie and macronutrient recommendations which are adjusted weekly depending on your progress.

Nutrition Mastery

To help you achieve your health, fitness, & confidence goals

Our four core
coaching components

Portion & Macro Tracking Guide - Learn how to portion calories, fat, protein, and carbs according to your goals

Meal Plans & Meal Ideas - So you can plan healthy, delicious meals in minutes every week

Hand & Macro Portion Size Tracker - Learn how to make food portioning super simple as you develop your eating habit awareness

Ultimate Snacking Guide - Tips and tricks for incorporating your favorite snack foods while still supporting your goals

Grocery Shopping Tip-Sheet - So you feel empowered in your choices at the grocery store, not overwhelmed

Eating Out Cheat Sheet - To make ordering out a breeze, without sacrificing fun or your goals

Sample Workouts & Challenges - To keep you inspired as you increase your daily movement

Access to over 200 recipes - For breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks! All are macro-friendly to easily fit your goals and needs

Plus way more!

What’s inside the Vault

Your coach will develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan just for you. Part of this involves recommending resources from our Vault according to your plan. You’ll have unlimited access to the Vault so you can refer to any of the resources whenever you want.

Here are just a few of the resources inside:

An extensive collection of resources to set you up for success


On top of all the goodies in our Vault, unlimited access to your coach, and a private community, you'll also have the option to receive 4 months of free online personal training.

You’ll work with our trainer, Sergio, who will create a custom workout program designed for your level. Whether you want to tone up and increase your energy or put on muscle, you’ll get the workouts to match. 

Four months of free online personal training


24 weeks of unlimited 1:1 coaching with a Registered Dietitian

+ Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Blueprint 

+ 24 weeks of group coaching 

+ 4 months of online personal training 

+ Unlimited access to resources in the Ultimate Nutrition Resources Vault 

Everything included with the Nutrition Blueprint Method

We’re obsessed with seeing results and your achievements. If you don’t achieve the results established in your Blueprint in the time proposed (granted you are following all the steps, showing up for calls, and putting in the work), we will work with you for free until you do. We can only offer such a guarantee with the confidence that this program will get you exactly where you need to go. 

The Conditional Service Guarantee

Past client feedback





“I had tried any and every kind of diet and exercise and nothing stuck. I was doing and still do CrossFit regularly but I wasn’t seeing results. My initial concern was aesthetics, I wanted to lose weight, but I eventually discovered I was having some heart issues (later discovered it was arrhythmia) and that became my focus. Doctors wanted to put me on medication and possibly a pacemaker which I wanted to avoid if at all possible.

So that’s when I reached out to Planos to see if I could help things with my nutrition before medical intervention. I get emotional thinking back to it. I learned I was on way too few calories for what I was asking my body to do, which was causing a lot of stress. So they created a plan that brought my calories up, structured my workouts, and basically removed that extra stress my heart was under.

I’m happy to say I’ve lost eight and a half pounds, which is a big deal for me, without having any more heart issues. More than that though, I feel really good in my skin, I feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically while still working towards the aesthetic goals I can actually address now that everything is aligned. And my relationship with food has completely changed. I’m happy to say I got a second opinion from a new heart doctor who gave me a clean bill of health!”

”You really can’t put a price on health. Planos makes it worth it.” 



“I reached out to Planos to help me lose stubborn weight and to improve my relationship with food. The transformation has been incredible. Everything I learned during my time with Planos I still apply today, a year later.

I started at 176 pounds and am now down to 151, but the changes go far beyond the weight loss. There are so many things I’ve improved in my life that make the investment incredibly worth it. Mental health, weight loss, energy levels, the way I feel about myself and how I approach people...everything. If you have any doubt about working with Planos, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap.”

“I had tried every diet under the sun to help with weight loss and energy levels. You name it, I tried it and nothing stuck. Planos finally gave me something sustainable. It’s been a 360 degree change.” 



“Before working with Planos, I was always super tired and stressed. I had done detoxes, which would help me lose some weight but I’d feel exhausted and then I’d gain it back as soon as the detox was done. So I wanted to make sure what I learned was a long-term solution and that’s exactly what I got.

Now I actually understand nutrition, macros, and how much protein and carbs I need to consume. I’ve lost weight and kept it off but I’ve also had so many non-scale victories. I feel better in my clothes, I have more muscle, my energy is so much better, and I don’t have feelings of guilt around food. Plus, having the community and support from the group calls is amazing. Sharing experiences and learning from others has been inspiring.

If you have an opportunity to work with Planos, do it. You’ll set and reach goals tailored to your lifestyle, no matter how busy you are. You’ll always feel supported. And you’ll make changes that are truly sustainable for life.”

“Working with Planos has completely changed the way I see food.”

Past client feedback

We go beyond what you put on your plate and help you overcome struggles that directly affect your nutrition such as stress, sleep, and anxiety.

We take a flexible nutrition approach to avoid the good vs. bad food mentality. We teach you how to include the foods you love and still accomplish your goals.

We take the time to get to know you, your goals, your struggles, and your food history. Then we use that to help you craft a personalized Blueprint for success.

Lasting Results Aren’t Achieved Without Intentional Action

Why our coaching
method actually works

 Through our weekly check in process, we can make adjustments and set action items for the week ahead, giving you a clear direction every step of their journey. You can also message your coach with questions at any time.

We help you focus on the long-term journey. 16 weeks is not “all you need” to reach every one of your health goals. But it is enough to improve your body image, change the way you eat, and lay an extremely solid foundation. So you can maintain and build upon your habits for life. 

We provide a sense of community via the Group Coaching element and private Facebook group. There’s power in knowing you’re not alone and we’re dedicated to helping you feel like you belong.

You want to improve your self-confidence and your sense of feeling in control of your life

You want to feel happy with what you see in the mirror and confident in your skin!

You believe fitness and nutrition should come from a place of self-love, not self-punishment

You’re looking for accountability to reach your fitness goals

You’ve tried lots of different diets but nothing has worked long term

You want to lose about 10-30 pounds (without gaining it back as soon as you stop a strict diet) and to become stronger and healthier

You acknowledge that this isn’t a quick fix—real, lasting progress takes time

You’re keen to be part of a supportive community

You want to improve your overall lifestyle so you can live a happy, healthy life!

Nutrition BlueprinT Method
is for you if...

Since you’re still reading

24 weeks of unlimited 1:1 coaching with a Registered Dietitian 

+ Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Blueprint 

+ 24 weeks of group coaching 

+ 4 months of online personal training 

+ Unlimited access to resources in the Ultimate Nutrition Resources Vault 

An investment in your health is always one worth making

These are just a few of our success storiesI

We have helped over 600 people achieve their goals with the Nutrition Blueprint Method


Our unique approach blends 1:1 coaching with group coaching and self-paced content. You’ll be paired with your own Nutrition Success Coach (a Registered Dietitian) and start with a Kick-Off Session. This is when you’ll create your definition of success and set your initial goals.

Your coach will then create a custom Blueprint that lays out everything from macro guidelines, to tasks for all your lifestyle factors. This will also guide you through relevant materials in our Resource Vault.

You’ll then be able to book a call with your coach whenever you want to check-in about your progress, ask questions, or make adjustments. On top of that, you’ll be able to join group coaching calls each week so you can connect with people in a similar boat and learn from their experiences too.

+  How does the program work?


No, my dear friend. Much more than that! Any calculator online can give you this information.

This coaching program is designed to customize your roadmap to success and make adjustments on an ongoing basis according to your progress, your challenges, and how your body is responding week to week. We also focus on lifestyle and habit changes and follow a goal-setting process to help you change the way you live to support your nutrition and fitness goals. This is a dedicated high-accountability process.

You’ll also get a Portion and Macro tracking guide so you can learn to portion on your own according to your goals far into the future.



We don’t believe in generic cookie-cutter meal plans. They teach you to follow directions but are always restrictive and don’t honor the foods you love. Instead, we teach you how to build your OWN meal plans so you are equipped with the knowledge to do it forever.

With that said, we will give you access to dozens of sample plans and meal ideas to help you build your perfect day. We will also give you access to our 200+ recipe library to choose from tons of delicious recipes.



Nope! Instead, your coach will help you implement lifestyle habits (from grocery shopping and meal planning, to sleep and stress improvement) all designed to help you reach your specific goals. This may involve “assigning” you certain materials in the Vault to read or watch.



No! That’s the beauty of the Nutrition Blueprint Method. We’ll teach you how all foods can fit into your diet even if your goal is weight loss. By implementing the sustainable habits and mindset shifts you’ll learn, you’ll know how to fit any food into your life. Because restriction doesn’t work!



The program works if you put in the work. We will do everything we can to help you along the way.

Over the course of four months, you’ll lay a very solid foundation to help you reach your health goals. But that’s just it—it’s a foundation, not a quick fix. You’ll learn how to dedicate yourself to sustainable lifestyle changes for the long-run.

If you don’t achieve the results set out in your Blueprint in the time proposed (granted you are following all the steps, showing up for calls, and putting in the work), we will work with you FOR FREE until you do.



Instead of a refund policy, we have a Conditional Service Guarantee (please see above). We can also pause your program if you are having financial difficulties. 



Every person is different which is why the first part of your program will focus on defining what “success” looks like for you. That said, on average, we see many people lose about 5-20 pounds over the course of the program. If your weight loss goal is higher, the program is designed to empower you with knowledge and habits to keep the momentum going.

Remember: Sustainable weight loss and lifelong health are not a sprint. It’s a journey. The Nutrition Blueprint Method helps prepare you for that journey.



The program is designed for you to feel confident navigating food and fitness long after the 24 weeks. You’ll be armed with essential knowledge, newfound sustainable habits, plus loads of recipes and cheat sheets. With that in mind, after 24 weeks, if you would like more support to help you achieve additional goals, you’ll have the option to onboard as an on-going 1:1 client.


That & more Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, you don’t need to cut out your favorite foods!